Best practice in testing and tagging of electrical equipment


A 320 page manual in full colour on all aspects of testing and tagging of electrical equipment according to AS/NZS 3760.

This manual is also written to assist those who are thinking about, or already have established, a business to offer such services to employers, including electricians.

This manual offers valuable knowledge relating to the mandatory tests required, as well as best practice. You will discover a lot of information in relation to test equipment and test aids out there on the market to assist you.

3 pin Earth plug


3 pin earth plug with double insulated Earth lead for testing Earth continuity and Earth loop impedance testing.

AKL 1000 Hook-on clamp

AKL 1000

Hook-on clamp made of phosphor bronze gold plated with insulated handle made of Polyamide. Available in black, red, blue, yellow, green and white.